#1 Business Enhancer Program

RICHBOI’S #1 BUSINESS ENHANCER PROGRAM is a fully interactive business educational & business referral program that I use to assist potential, new and existing business owners & professionals to help guide them to the next level of success. Given the fact that my exposure as a business, tax and enhancement expert has allowed me to get into various & recently closed doors, I am utilizing my continuous growth & massive exposure to include my professional circle of friends & business owners that have been so instrumental in allowing me to achieve the next level of success. The methods that I will use to attract these potential clients which are in desperate need to obtain the knowledge and resources that WE have to offer as a team of unlimited resources will be through:

Collaboration beats Competition because there’s success in unity!!!

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Various avenues of social media

Multiple cities billboards

Various TV & radio advertising

All individuals involved and their networks

Monthly networking events and calls

My current tax & email database which consist of thousands of contacts

Connections thru the RB’s Business & Professional Membership Network

Promotions & advertising thru EVERY single member business in the program

30 point business inspection

Your 30 point business evaluation covers these essential areas of your business

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Business cards

  • Logo/image/name

  • Professional & Business Bio

  • Business structure

  • Non Profit (if apply)

  • Voicemail/Voiceovers

  • Marketing/Advertising budget and plan

  • Mobile App

  • Personal/business coach

  • Business Attorney

  • Business credit

  • Personal & Business Budgeting

  • Business funding

  • Business plan

  • Mobile pay/Credit cards

  • Customer Service plan

  • PR Plan

  • Photography/videos

  • Printer

  • Business Banker

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Planner

  • Insurance person

  • Fashion/Stylist

  • Fitness

  • Catering

  • Event planning

  • Short and Long term goals

All Members are Hand Selected by Richboi


Members Enjoy the Following Special Perks

  • 10% referral fee to be paid to the Richboi Network for all closed deals from the program
  • FREE RB’s Business & Professional Membership Network
  • 4 Affiliated websites placements
  • FREE Radio interview on B2B and some other SRN outlets
  • 50% Off Radio commercial with SRN (6 months) with same FREE radio commercial on Red Panda Radio
  • 20% Referral fee for ALL new members or advertising listings that’s paid in full
  • 15% Referral fee for ALL business to business enhancer referrals